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MOE Curriculum

us curriculum

MOE Curriculum

National School strives to provide a comprehensive, appropriate, integrated and balanced curriculum in both the American Curriculum and the Ministry of Education Curriculum. Our curricula are designed to develop an innovative educational system and promote national citizenship and social responsibility. The school’s programs are designed to meet the school’s vision and mission, and are constantly modified accordingly. Highly qualified personnel monitor the implementation of each programme. The National School conducts regular assessments, including international tests such as IBT, Pirls, Timss, Plsa, Map, and CATu. This ensures that high standards of education are maintained, and students can achieve outstanding results.

Islamic studies

It aims to consolidate national identity for students and strengthen the bonds of love and cooperation among them. We prepare for active participation in building society and keeping pace with global changes. We need to build students with conscious awareness to other cultures, and Islamic education includes everything related to student’s life, quality, values.

Social studies

It is an understanding of the social and political organization and economics chapter on their optimal understanding of historical events, trends, personalities, and movements at all levels, in addition to the recognized local, national, and international geography.

Arabic language

Arabic is our official language in UAE, and it forms the identity of the emirate’s society, as it preserves its intellectual, cultural, and social structure.


It focuses on building critical thinking learners who are able to think critically and solve problems following systematic analysis.


The science curriculum emphasizes the rapidly changing skills of the 21th century, innovating and solving scientific problems, meeting the needs of the competitive market, as well as integrating technology into all aspects of learning with the aim of refining these skills.

English Language Arts

English language is a global means of communication. The curriculum focuses on developing students’ skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through a variety of authentic activities that take into account students learning styles.

Visual Arts

The curriculum focuses on developing students’ skills in this field, developing an aesthetic appreciation, revealing, and refining their talents, in addition to highlighting the role that art plays in history and culture.

Musical Arts

The musical arts curriculum depends on creative expression. Arts constitute a major part of the teaching and learning process in the twenty-first century, as it requires critical thinking, production, and interconnection between topics and multiple skills in an integrated system.

Moral Education

It aims at consolidating the concepts of equality, tolerance, honesty, the value of family ties and friendship, as well as the importance of heritage.

Design and Technology

It is based on giving students the ability to deal with innovation and technology in order to provide them with skills of the century through innovative practical technological activities and projects..