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Admission Overview

MOE Curriculum

Admissions Overview

Admission policy is intended to ensure that the procedures used during the admissions process are consistently applied and are understood by all those involved. We welcome applications from families regardless of nationality, ethnicity or religion.

Admission Procedure
Admission to the National American School is conducted based on the age-appropriate entrance test for each grade level. Prospective students are also required to go through undertake Cognitive Ability Testing (CAT4) on a published date and location. A case-by-case approach will be taken for students who require additional learning support in order to meet their requirements
Admission process starts by visiting the school to register, and then parents are requested to:

  • Complete the application form at the admission department in the school.
  • Submit a child’s passport copy, copy of each parent’s Emirates ID & most recent school report or (To Whom it May Concern) letter from the child’s current school.

Upon receipt of the application form, the student will be invited for an entrance exam and interview.
KG1 and KG2 children will be invited to school with their parents for a formal interview while Grades 1 to 12 students will be invited for computerized examination & interviews.
Parents will be informed of the results of the entrance evaluation within 2 days.


SEN Department
If a child is identified as SEN from previous records or the application form, the SEN teacher is notified and all relevant documentation is passed on to him/her.
The SEN teacher will examine the student’s records and may ask to assess the student, carry out observations in the student’s school or refer the student for further assessment.

Parents’ Role

  • Parents are required to be involved in the teaching and learning process and are partners in the education of their child.
  • Parents must fully disclose in detail, during the admission application process, any educational, social-emotional, physical, sensory, medical diagnosis or medical needs along with copies of all written reports and/or any additional academic support the child is receiving or has received in the past.
  • Parents are asked to disclose any such educational need or disability on the Registration Form in order for the school to assess its ability to fully support every student as appropriate.

General Notice

  • A place will be allocated only when all required documentation has been submitted.
  • All currently enrolled students are considered for re-admission during the winter and invited to re-apply in March. Applications for re-admission and deposits are due April 15 each year. Siblings of currently enrolled students are invited to apply for admission in February, also. Priority is given to siblings applying to KG. Students applying to any other grade level are given priority only on a space available basis.
  • Applications for new students are always welcome.
  • Where a year group is at capacity, a child may be placed on the waiting list. The parent will be contacted if and when a place becomes available. If a place is offered, it must be accepted or declined within one week.

Registration Fees

Students are receiving siblings discount as follows:

  • 2nd child will receive 5% of the tuition fees.
  • 3rd child will receive 10% of the tuition fees.
  • 4th child will receive 15% of the tuition fees.

Registration fees is 500 nonrefundable, which is deductible from the tuition fees.

All applications, recommendations, interviews and visits must be completed and the necessary paperwork admitted prior to June 30 each year. Applications received after June 30 are added to the waiting list and considered if any new spaces become available.